Roaster’s Reserve

Ethiopia Dry Process Abiyot Boboea

Strawberry, caramelized pineapple, dehydrated fruits. A zippy acidity.

Guatemala Xinabajul Producers

Moderate sweetness and acidity, turbinado, demerara, raisin, brisk black tea.

Honduras Finca Deborah Icatu Natural

A very fine coffee. Long flavor, Fruity, winey like blackberry.

Kenya Nyeri Kiandu AB (available 1.12.21)

A complex coffee with flavor notes of orange spice, caramelizing sugars, black cherry, pomegranate, grape and an aromatic finish of cardamom, all-spice and clove powders when brewed properly.

Panama Dry Process Peterson Family Gesha (available 1.12.21 super limited!)

Pour-over brews hint at peach, apricot, dried mango, red apple and strawberry Starburst. Perfumed, floral aromatics are moderate and suggest jasmine and Stargazer lily.

Zambia Anaerobic Fermented Natural

Perfume aroma. Sweet, subtle red berry flavor with notes of red wine. Smooth finish with soft mouthfeel.

Daily Drinkers

Brazil Daterra Full Bloom (coming 1.10.21)

Flavors of stone fruits, blueberry and plum make for a succulent juicy mouthfeel reminiscent of a fine wine. Full bodied with a clean caramel-fruity finish that smoothly rolls over the palate.

Rainforest Alliance certified

Brazil Daterra Sweet Collection

Complex and elegant, this coffee offers a sweet, fruity aroma, pleasant acidity, and citric notes. It has a smooth body and a caramel vanilla finish. Rainforest Alliance certified

Colombian Supremo

Bold, strong body and aroma, slight hint of chocolate. Very solid bean with a classic cup profile.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Fragrant aroma. Well rounded body and bright acidity and natural sweetness. Flavors of citrus and tropical fruit are hinted at with the proper brewing methods.

Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Z

Snappy citric acidity, rich body, flowery notes in finish. Mike’s daily drinker.

Monsooned Malabar (coming 1.10.21)

A delicious sweetness along with wonderful spice qualities such as nutmeg, pepper, clove and cardamom also hints of tropical fruits. Exposing the coffee beans to the monsoon rains softens the acidity.

Morning Thunder Espresso Blend

Our darkest roast to date… This bold espresso roast has tons of complexity and beautiful finish. All of the bold flavors you’d come to expect from an espresso roast with a much smoother finish.

Peru Chanchamayo Highland

Medium body, with maple syrup aroma. Slightly nutty with fine acidity and a bright finish. Hints of brown sugar and cinnamon, with notes of buttery caramel. This is a Direct Trade coffee.

Rwanda (returning 1.10.21)

Silky, creamy body, along with floral notes. Hints of lemon and orange in the aroma. In the cup, flavors are sweet like sugar cane and spicy like clove, and cinnamon. Sweet citrus and a bit of caramel in the finish, with an acidity reminiscent of a Kenyan but more delicate.

Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling is often described as earthy and intense with an herbal aroma. With just enough acidity to be noticed, this Sumatran coffee has tones of sweet chocolate and licorice.

Tanzanian Peaberry

Medium body, winy taste, rich finish. With a full-body taste, a prominent aroma, and similarities to Kenyan coffee, this bean from Tanzania may be small, but it packs a lot of punch.